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“They’re super awesome to work with and they “get” how to work with high-level entrepreneurs. Not only have they worked with some of the top entrepreneurs on crafting their messaging and copy, but they’re trusted by them too. I highly recommend hiring Conscious Copy & Co.”
Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Hi! I’m Jennifer Hudye, Founder and CEO here at Conscious Copy & Co. If you’re here, you’re interested in discovering how we can help you get your vision & message out into the world. To get started, fill out the quick application below and book your complimentary Copy Clarity Consult with one of our highly trained team members.

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The Copy Clarity Consult is a high-value session to help you gain clarity of what’s currently standing in the way of you crafting a message that connects and converts and how to fix it.

From there if our team sees a way that we can support you on your journey, we will share what it would look like to work together.

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