The Key Ingredient To

Making Your company

Vision A Reality, Faster Is A

Vivid Vision

The Key

Ingredient To

making your


vision a reality,

faster is a

vivid vision

You have a big vision for your company, and you want to
get your whole team on board.

As the entrepreneur, CEO, or founder, it’s your job to design what the future of your company looks like. To make it crystal clear, so your team, shareholders, and clients can get on board to help you turn that vision into a reality.

You know that…

A Business That Knows

Where It’s Going

Is More Likely To Get There

A Business

that knows

where it's going

is more like

to get there

However, If You See The Company Vision
But Others Don’t, Keep Reading…

Whatever challenges you’re facing in your business right now…

A Vivid Vision

can help you.

It’s a powerful tool to attract top talent, align your current team, stay focused, and keep yourself motivated… even in the most challenging circumstances.

Make your

Company’s Future



A Place You Want

to visit

Imagine you step into a time machine and arrive at December 31st, three years into the future.

What does your company need to look, feel, and act like 3 years out to be a place you and everyone else wants to visit?

Would you be excited to visit your future if…

Then the Vivid Vision is the most important document your company is missing.

And it can help you achieve all that (and often even more) in 3 years or less.

When you and your team can clearly see, feel, and experience your vision, everyone and everything will begin to move in that direction.

Because words matter. Literally.
By putting your vision into words,
it will begin to turn into your reality.

Ready to make your vision a reality?

The Document That Helped This Company

Grow To $100M,

Be Featured On Oprah,

And Be Written Up In

The Harvard Business Review…

All In Only 3 Years

The Document That

helped this company

grow to $100m,

be featured

on oprah,

and be written up in

the harvard

business review...

all in only 3 years

There’s a saying that goes, “There are entrepreneurs that
have been in business 10 years… and others that have
repeated the same year 10 times.”

That’s exactly where CEO Brian Scuadamore and COO Cameron Herold found themselves with 1-800-GOT-JUNK? years ago.

It was 1997, and their revenue had stalled at $1M for eight years.

They didn’t know what to do.

Until they learned about a visualization technique that Olympic athletes use where they visualize themselves winning the gold medal ahead of time.

They thought, “If Olympic athletes do this, why don’t we?”

So they sat down and created what is now called a Vivid Vision.

A Vivid Vision is a document that paints a vivid picture of what your company looks like and feels like 3 years into the future, as if it’s already happened.

In just a few years after they created their Vivid Vision, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? went on to…

Turn into a $100M multinational company…

Appear on Oprah…

Be featured in The Harvard Business Review…

And be listed as the #2 workplace culture in Canada.

The Power

Of Creating

Your Company's

Vivid Vision

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5 Powerful Ways

A Vivid Vision

Will Help You


The most powerful recruiting tool:

Put your Vivid Vision document on your job postings and simply say, “Read this before applying.” This will immediately set you apart from all your competitors.


Clarity when scaling up:

Have confidence that the entire company is aligned on the vision before pivots and/or rapid growth so you grow with a solid foundation.


Get the right people in the right seats:

The Vivid Vision is the most powerful tool to get your internal team aligned on where the company is headed and where they see themselves in the equation so they get and stay motivated.


Show up as
a confident

As the Founder or CEO, you are the one everyone is looking to for vision. You need to be crystal clear of where you are headed so you can lead your team with confidence. The Vivid Vision communicates what is in your mind, on paper.


Get customers, vendors, and key partners on board:

When you let your key customers, partners, and vendors know where you are headed, they naturally want to support you in getting there.

Discover How To Create

& Implement Your

Vivid Vision

Discover How

To Create

& Implement Your

Vivid Vision

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We’ve Helped

250+ Entrepreneurs

Create Their

Vivid Visions

Cameron Herold,

Founder of COO Alliance

“Whether you’re starting your Vivid Vision from scratch or you’ve taken a crack at it on your own… I highly recommend you hire Conscious Copy & Co. to help you take it across the finish line. They have helped me do 4 different Vivid Visions… and every time I’m impressed with their ability to make the Vivid Vision pop off the page and really stand out. I send all of my clients to them because they are the best and really know how to work with the CEO/entrepreneur.”

Victoria Song,

Peak Performance Coach

“Jenn and her team are the VERY BEST at what they do. I loved going through the Vivid Vision process with them. The clarity I received doing it has resulted in my visions already coming true! I love the finished product and can’t wait to hang it up and watch it all unfold.”

Alex J Moscow,

Founder of Congruent Coach

“After creating my Vivid Vision with Conscious Copy & Co. I sent it to a potential team member that I really wanted to hire and asked her to read it before our interview. She was blown away by the Vivid Vision and said it was the reason why she wanted to work with our company. She’s still with me today and one of the most valuable team members. Conscious Copy & Co. knew how to extract my vision from my mind in a way that I couldn’t do on my own.”

Billy Gene

“[Jennifer Hudye] has this really cool process of bringing your vision to life. In your head you might be clear about your vision, yet there always seems to be this disconnect when talking to your team about it. One of the hard things with team members and getting people on board is that a lot of the times they don’t understand where they fit into that. That’s the mistake I was making, because it was never in writing. I called Jennifer and her team and spent 2 or 3 hours, literally got to hop on the phone and they asked me a series of questions and then they turned it into this [Vivid Vision]. I love saving time. You absolutely have to get your Vivid Vision done.”

Jesse Cole,

Fans First Entertainment

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when we decided to work with Conscious Copy on this Vivid Vision project as it’s a completely new idea for our company. But they nailed it. From the first call to the final product, they delivered. This is a game-changing tool for our business, and Conscious Copy made it happen!”

Mary Shores,

Founder of Conscious Communications

“I had an absolutely great experience working with the team. They did an amazing job at bringing my vision to life and I am so grateful”

Ben Robinson,


“Spot on with what our vision is. Great work!”

Karen & Bill Bayles,

Founders Shop4Charity and Guudguuds

“Mic drop after Draft 1! I just want to say what a great job you did. We felt like you got it, and that was super exciting. Kudos for knocking it out of the park on the first go!”

Paul Sjoberg,

Founder of

“I was struggling, looking for a fresh, unique way to convey my company’s future to employees and prospective employees. Conscious Copy & Co. came highly recommended, and now I know why. The Conscious Copy team was able to take my ideas and vision from my head and use their process to create an incredible Vivid Vision document. I am so happy with Leverage Information Technologies’ Vivid Vision document!!! What a fabulous experience, and I am so pleased with the finished product!!! 5 Stars!!!!!”

Chiara Allen,

C2 Media

“One of the BEST things I’ve done for my business was working with a company to create a ‘Vivid Vision’… Thanks to Jennifer Hudye’s team for helping us put our goals forward!… It’s such an incredibly powerful tool and I’m really grateful to have worked with you guys on it!”

Jessica Little,

Co-owner, Sweet Grass Dairy

“Wow! We are so in love with this first version of the Vivid Vision. Seriously, you are incredible writers. I love it! Thank you so much for everything.”

Maya Fry,

Office Coordinator at Ann Vanderslice Retirement Planning Strategies

“This looks fantastic! Thank you so much for working with me on this. It looks great!”


Copy & Co.

“What I do is what I believe and what I believe is that the ultimate freedom is when we are truthful to ourselves. The ultimate entrepreneurial freedom is when we can communicate our truth through our business. The way we do that is through our messaging and marketing. When we do, we naturally attract our ideal customers, team, and partners who are all in alignment with our vision.”

Denice Gierach,

Gierach Law Firm

“Conscious Copy did a great job of capturing what my vision is for my company and making it more vivid than I could imagine it myself. The copy was well written and the graphics and layout were very professional. I would recommend them to any business owner who is contemplating doing a Vivid Vision.”

Dmitry Kozlov,

Co-Founder of Vision Tech Team and Maverick NEXT

“After months of struggling to finalize my Vivid Vision on my own, Conscious Copy made it easy, fast, and fun. The way Jenn pulled the vision out of me initially was an amazing process that brought me into the future with clarity, beyond what I could have possibly done with any other copywriter I could hire for this. I was thrilled to see it quickly come to life after that. I’ve always recommended doing a Vivid Vision for any serious entrepreneur—now I always recommend having Conscious Copy write their Vivid Vision.”

Brittany Anderson,

Sweet Financial Services

“They are experts in what they do. Instead of asking “How do I create my Vivid Vision?” Ask “Who can I hire to help me create my Vivid Vision?” The Conscious Copy team made the process so simple and are exceptional to work with. We couldn’t say enough great things about them!”

Tina Anderson,

CEO & Co-founder of Just Thrive

“I’d heard about the Vivid Vision and I kept putting it off because I was busy being in the business. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I’d recommend to every entrepreneur that they do it sooner rather than later to put them on the right path. After just a few phone calls the Conscious Copy team took the vision in my head, put it on paper, and made it super clear and fun. Everything about the process was absolutely spectacular.”

Justin Singletary,

“The team was excellent to work with! They were able to ask the deep-diving questions to really bring my vision to life. The design and presentation are perfect for our needs. I highly recommend Conscious Copy!”

Raj Lahoti

“Conscious Copy has their stuff together! They have a solid team who cares. And a solid process that produces results. Highly recommend. Very happy with the work product!”

Ricardo Brooks,

COO at Allied

“Just want to convey my thanks for the work that you and the Conscious Copy team did to help us put our CEO’s Vivid Vision down on paper and make it so tangible that the entire team could appreciate it. We really appreciate your patience and especially your attitude in helping to bring it all together.”

Uran Berisha,

Founder of Unpain Clinic

“Conscious Copy was able to download my vision from my mind so I can share with my team and clients! Now, they all can see it, and know where we are going! The whole process was painless from any aspect and amazing in the end!”

Don Cooper,

CEO at Innovator Industrial Services

“Love it – TWO THUMBS UP”

Kris Kaplan

“Much thanks and appreciation goes out to Jennifer Hudye of Conscious Copy for helping to bring my 2020 Vivid Vision to life. It was super cool to come home from vacation and see this amazing canvas poster waiting for me that has the K2 core values on it. Very cool. If you would like to start making your business dreams come true, start by getting clarity on where it is you want to be.”

Want to see

examples of the

Vivid Vision

Go ahead and book a call and we can show you the inside 
of different examples we’ve created over the years!

Step 1:

Your Vision
Expander Session™

Our Vivid Visioneers will interview you (the Founder or CEO) on your 3-year vision. We’ll dig deep to help you get crystal clear about what you want each area of your company to look, feel, and sound like—but we’ll talk about it as if you’ve already achieved it. We’ll help you sort your thoughts so you can simply show up and share.

Step 2:

The Vivid Vision
Copy Creation™

Our team of seasoned Vivid Vision copywriters will help craft your vision and make the words really pop off the page. We make the vision clear, powerful, and exciting, so your team, clients, partners, etc. are motivated to help you make it happen.

Step 3:

The Vivid Vision
Design Creation™

After the copy is complete, our Vivid Vision Design Team will breathe life into your vision with a beautiful, on-brand design, putting powerful images to the words for your personalized Vivid Vision.


Your Vivid Vision

The final product is a custom, 5-6 page Vivid Vision booklet. It will get the emotions racing with excitement when you, your team, your customers, and your vendors read it. We’ll also share best practices for rolling your vision out to your team, clients, partners, and vendors.


The entrepreneur / business owner should be the only one writing the vision. The team will help to figure out how to put the plan together to get to that end-goal, future vision.

If you have too many people creating the Vivid Vision, it gets confusing and the entrepreneur’s / business owner’s vision can get lost.

However, you should definitely get a copywriter to help make the words really pop off the page to make it clear, powerful, and exciting.

Nobody can implement your vision like you can. If your competitors are so focused on your vision, then they’re going to get distracted from their own business.

Don’t worry about your competitors looking at your Vivid Vision. Elon Musk talks about his vision for Tesla all the time… nobody can touch his vision because it’s his.

Your first step should be going to a space outside of your office, preferably in nature or somewhere that’s very visually appealing. This will help your creativity and innovation to be released.

Make bulleted notes of what you can envision each different area of your company looking like three years from now… as if it is today.

From their, hire a copywriter to help you turn your bullets into clear, concise, powerful words that POP off the page.

Plan a meeting to get together with your team. Make sure that you print off a copy for every single person. Read it out loud.

Get each one of your team members to circle the parts that get them really excited. If some of your team members don’t circle anything, or they don’t believe in it, let them know that now is the time to quit.

Your Vivid Vision needs to be polarizing. You need to make sure that you’re bringing the right people on in order to execute your vision.

You should be reading it at least once a quarter with your team, shareholders, and clients.

As for yourself, you should be reviewing it at least once a month. A powerful way to implement this is to create an audio recording of it, and then listen to it at least once a week to constantly remind yourself of what you’re working towards.

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